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Choosing Between Mascara, Eyelash Serum and Extensions

Friday, February 19th, 2010

In movies and glossy magazines we can often see glamorous girls with gorgeous eyes framed with ravishing eyelashes. In the case of a picture though, it is not really possible to determine, whether these beautiful eyelashes are natural or have they been artificially enhanced.

If nature has not been graceful to gift one thick natural eyelashes, a beautiful lash curve can still be achieved. To be able to flaunt with spectacular eyelashes, a variety of products have been invented over time. There are hundreds of mascaras on the cosmetics market that promise lashes that would seem up to three times longer.

Three Alternatives

The solution most commonly used is some form of lengthening and thickening mascara; but if your own natural lashes tend to be short and sparse, then no wonders can be done with makeup.

Eyelash extensions of course help attain effective results in case of short eyelashes, but these often require spending a remarkable amount of money and time. The initial cost of applying extensions is quite significant, but that’s not all. Artificial eyelash extensions must be maintained in every two to three weeks in a cosmetics salon. Six months after installation they have to be removed, and the harm that this process does can be quite frightful, according to users of artificial eyelash extension. Their own eyelashes have been damaged and will be in worse condition than before. Therefore it is a never-ending circle – in order to restore the good looks, new artificial eyelashes must be applied again as soon as possible.

There is a third alternative to achieve thicker and longer eyelashes; one that has just recently broken into eyelash product market. This option is to use an eyelash growth stimulating serum, which is applied daily to the lash roots, similar to liquid eyeliner.

Using Eyelash Serum

What does a serum do? It’s simple – lash serum contains such active agents, which strengthen lash hair, make them thicker and also stimulate growth. The serum requires several months of consistent usage, but the result is permanent. The most important thing is that it’s your own lashes that get stronger, thicker and longer. You may not even need mascara anymore!

Not Just About the Cost

It does make sense to calculate the cost of different options for achieving beautiful lashes. If you do not use some very luxurious brand product, regular mascara seems most cost-effective choice. Makeup experts tend to advise to buy new fresh mascara every three months, therefore the expenditure in the long run is much higher compared to a lash serum.

The application of artificial eyelash extenders is unarguably the most expensive choice: firstly, the price of installation, then the costs of maintenance, notwithstanding the time spent and the potential damage to your lashes.

A fortifying lash serum may cost as much as brand name luxury mascara, but one tube of lash serum lasts for up to four months and after the treatment, mascara need not to be used, because the eyelashes are so pretty.

One of the most effective eyelash growth serums delivering proven results is the new Yxes serum by Chamonix Cosmetics. For information about using the Eyelash Growth Serum, please the visit How-to-use page.

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